Pushing ice in the back of a refrigerated truck  is a wonderful place to be on a hot day. It is also the most physically challenging job in an igloo.

  • Close-toed shoes are a must so please bring a pair with you for your shift. No toes will be harmed in the pushing of this ice.
  • Gloves are highly recommended for this role. Please bring a pair with you!
  • Each ice house comes equipped with box cutters to make your job easier. Your Shift Lead or Ops personnel will ensure you receive one if necessary
  • On the hour shift leads will come to one of the pushers and ask for a current count of pallets so we can keep trucks coming in to meet demand. All you need to do is count up how many pallets of crushed and blocked are left in the truck and report it to the shift lead or ops on duty when requested.
  • Nevada state law requires the following regarding the handling of ice as it is considered a raw food:

    1. Nipples/groin covered.
    2. The bed of the truck must have paper and plastic covering it where any free standing bags of ice will reside.
    3. If a bag is dropped into the dirt or otherwise becomes compromised before reaching the customer it is to be placed in the truck as a “dead bag” that cannot be sold.