Line Barkers (Greeters)

Outside the igloo: You’ll use a bullhorn to help people figure out what to do as they arrive at the igloo. You’ll let them know where they can park a bike. You’ll let them know not to bring carts into the igloo. You’ll help answer people’s questions.

Inside the igloo: It’s your job to help customers form up in a line and to direct them to any open cashier that becomes available after a transaction. While talking with people waiting in line you can explain the pricing structure, and make sure folks know what they want and have the needed cash handy – you control the flow baby.

Both roles should also do the following:

  • Have fun and entertain folks.
  • Help customers add things up so they’re sure they have the right amount of cash when they get to the counter. It’s magical for our cashiers and slingers when customers come up to the counter confident in their ordering.
  • Let them know how much longer the wait is.
  • Let them know if the igloo is out of blocks. Blocks often run out, and your shift lead or ops will inform the house when these items are low or out of stock. Just relay that information to the line so our playa denizens can recalculate their order(s).
  • Memorize the pricing below and repeat it to the burners waiting in the line both outside and inside the igloo so transactions can move smoothly:
    • $4/bag
    • $4/block
    • $24 for a 6-pack of bags of crushed ice