Volunteer Information

Volunteer with Arctica: Penguinocolypse

Are you ready to sign-up for a shift with Arctica at Burning Man? We’re excited to work with you to keep ice flowing to everyone at the event. As some of you know, and the rest are about to find out – volunteering at Ice is fun. You’ll get to meet other great volunteers, work with folks coming to buy ice, and all in a “cool” environment.

Reminder: Volunteer Party on Wednesday, August 31st, at 8:00 pm at Center Camp Arctica. Even if your shifts aren’t until later in the week, we want to show you our appreciation for all you do!

Volunteer Roles

In addition to all of the fun, we also work hard. Here are some things to keep in mind as you head into your shift. We’ll remind you of these before you arrive on playa…

Arrive on time for your shift. You know how playa time works, so shoot for getting to your shift early to check in with your shift lead. It’s helpful for them to know who all is there for a shift, in case some things need to move around.

Cover your naughty bits. We’re fans of self-expression and the anything goes nature of the Burn, but per Nevada state law, your groin and nipples (yes, both men’s and women’s nipples) must be covered while working with food, and ice is a food. Be creative and keep ‘em covered.

Follow our Volunteer Sign-Up Walk-through to secure a shift with Artica!